Online Casinos versus Land-Based Casinos

There’s no denying land-based casinos have their fascination. They give you a chance to sit at a table and play face to face with real people. However, their popularity has been on the downward trend since the advent of online casinos. Even though both casino options have their strengths and weaknesses, online casinos overshadow land-based options by a wider margin based on the following dynamics.  


You can count on your fingers land-based casinos that operate round the clock. Most of them work within specific timeframes. On the contrary, online casinos are available 24/7 all year round. That means you are at liberty to play your favorite game whenever you want. Besides, modern online casino platforms are mobile-friendly. Therefore, you can play on your couch, bed, in the garage, or anywhere else provided you have internet access.

Game variety

Land-based casinos are limited by space. Their game catalogs can’t match online casinos because they require lots of physical space to install machines and tables to cater to huge player traffic. On the other hand, you don’t need a dedicated physical space to start an online casino. The games are stored in the cloud, and your casino can have thousands of them accessible to thousands of players concurrently.


Yes, land-based casinos run promotions where they give players bonuses. However, the perks don’t often come as they do at online casinos. Every online casino has some form of a welcome package for new players. In most cases, it is a risk-free match cash bonus plus some free spins. Not many land-based casinos will treat you to a welcome bonus. Besides, most online casinos have a VIP or loyalty program. The more you keep playing for real money and rising through the VIP ranks, the more bonuses you get.


The games at most online casinos have two options. You can either play for fun or real money. That way, gaming novices have an opportunity to learn and get some experience before trying to play for real money. And not just novices – even experienced gamblers get the same opportunity to have a feel for new game variants without staking any cash. On the other hand, no land-based casino will allow you the latitude to learn gaming for free.


Online casinos are accessible in vast geographical expanses vis-à-vis land-based casinos. They can reach millions of gaming fans depending on how their sites rank across popular search engines. Therefore, there is high competition forcing gaming houses to develop enticing approaches to get new players and retain existing ones. Most online casinos offer games with high payouts compared to land-based casinos.

Online casinos outclass land-based options in several aspects. No wonder tons of new online casinos keep emerging daily. That said, it would help if you researched a little on an online casino before signing up. Why? Because nobody wants to fall prey to scamming that is prevalent in the gaming industry. Know how to tell apart a scam and a genuine iGaming house. On the whole, online casinos are the better option from the numerous merits they have.