Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a popular table game played at casinos the world over. This is due to, among other factors, how simple it is to learn the game. While Blackjack comes in numerous variants, there are specific types that are popular at most gaming houses. They include:

  • Classic Blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch
  • European Blackjack
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs
  • Spanish 21

Basic Blackjack Playing Strategy for Beginners

Playing Blackjack is fun, and it gets even more exciting when you are on a winning streak. However, you can equally blow your cash when you are on a bad run of cards. And it can be worse for a beginner. Therefore, you need a strategy to learn the game and minimize loses the best you can. Here are invaluable tips to include in the strategy:

1. Understand the rules of the Blackjack variant you want to try out.

2. Always hit when you are dealt 8 or less.

3. You should also know when to stand. Stand when the dealer has 2-6, and your hand is 12-16.

4. Avoid insurance at all costs because it often favors the dealer. Only expert players know how to manoeuvre their way when offered insurance.

5. Study the dealers face-up card before making your next move. The value of the card should give you a clue of whether to stand or hit. If it is between 2 and 6, hitting has higher odds of resulting in a bust on your end.

6. Start small and avoid the temptation of staking like a high roller. Only stake what you can manage to lose.

7. Buy a basic Blackjack strategy chart to help you along the learning curve.

Advanced Strategy for Playing Blackjack

Once you’ve mastered the basic Blackjack strategy chart and known the moves, you want to drop the newbie tag and upgrade to a seasoned Blackjack player. Here are crucial tips to help you hone your skills even more:

1. Master the counting of cards.

As the cards are dealt, figure out the card options that are remaining in the deck. When cards with smaller values are left in the deck, the dealer has higher odds of winning, and the opposite is true.

2. Take insurance

Once you are a veteran at counting cards, your accuracy improves, and you know when to take insurance. The perfect time to do it is when you are sure there are several aces left in the deck.

3. Split your cards

There are instances where you will get, for example, a pair of 10s. Splitting the 10s when there are still several high-value cards in the deck places the dealer on the brink of busting. And that plays to your advantage as a player.

4. Learn betting systems

There are numerous betting systems which come in handy when implementing your advanced Blackjack strategy. For instance, you can use the Paroli betting system, the Labouchere, the Reverse D’Alembert, and many more. You can learn and blend them in your strategy for better results.

We hope that inspires you to learn and play online Blackjack like a pro. Sign up at a trustworthy casino and have some fun!

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