History of Online Casinos

It has been assumed that the success of the land-based casinos gave rise to the development of casino websites. Though, few years back also people preferred to visit land-based casinos for playing the games of gambling, nowadays no one gets so much of time and so they go for the online casinoer. The online casinos offer the casino players home-like comfort and so they loose all interest to come out of their homes just for the sake of entertainment and relaxation. However, before starting to play online casinos make sure that you have downloaded the game you have chosen to play.


In the year 1995, the first online casino had been introduced. This online casino was known as ICI (Internet Casinos). Just after its introduction it used to provide 18 games on the virtual platform and begun operating its business from Caicos Islands and Turks. In fact for avoiding government prosecution it had to offer service from outside the United States.


While discussing about the history of online casinos, we should also mention a casino named Intercasino. On the other hand, Great Britainís first online casino is Atlantis. Kerzner is the owner of this casino.


According to a survey report, since 2006 this industry is experiencing steady growth. Recently you will find more than 2600 sites on the web. Hope, in the coming years this industry will undergo massive expansion.





There will be nothing wrong to say that popularity of a casino site is very much dependent on its bonus offers.


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